Survival of the Failures

No, we’re not calling anyone a failure, but I am going to let you know that we all hit rock bottom at times (it’s natural).¬†Well… This week has been my moment to hit it and just stay laying down on it.

rockbottomThing is that in this beautiful week, I’ve had 4 tests and I have three more next week. So yes, I’m tired and I feel so stressed out that I can’t even handle it (hence the Sponge Bob gif).

giphy.gifThis is me in college right now:

06nytnow-onfire-superJumbo-v3.jpgSo this is how I’m dealing with it… I try to finish what I got, no matter what I have to do to get there.

Tell me how’s it going for you, maybe we can all just talk about it and find common sense.



99 Problems and College is 1

This is the post excerpt.

Yes, college is cool and full of new people. Yes, you learn a lot. No, drama doesn’t die. No, it’s not all getting drunk and partying. It’s super stressful, no matter how much weed you smoke or how much you do yoga. If you don’t think it is… just wait till you meet the b/a professors and your stuck up classmate; you think they don’t exist, but they do. College isn’t like High School… HS is like a purgatory whereas college is hell.

Remember… survive the wilderness and fight against all odds.