Siblings à la Carte

Do you have siblings? If you do, wait for them to be in college with you (if they go to the same one you’re in). You’ll regret the fact that you have them.

You see… when you have a sibling and they end up in the same college as you, they might take the 7 AM classes and you have a 9 AM class so you’ll have to wake up at 5 AM for them because no one will take you at 8 since they went by 6. 

If you think you hate your siblings… you don’t know hate until you get to that point. I mean, let’s be realistic… who loves when you’re sleep deprived? No one because if they don’t sleep… they hate. Why do you think vampires kill so much? They can’t sleep the night. (It’s a far-fetched idea, but an idea nonetheless.)

So please, if you have a sibling that does this, push him/her into reason (and try to save a trip to the hospital, they’re not fun).


Author: collegedolls

Just a college student living the dream... ;-; help.

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