How to be Superman

This is super easy and I’ve tried it, making me feel like Clark Kent becoming Superman. 

You see… I’m the type of girl that is a total good girl, but you know what they say about good girls. 😉 Moving on, I love piercings and tattoos, but I don’t have any of them on my body so I made a few fake piercings. I decided to wear one today and all of a sudden… I was Clark Kent, disguised to all of those who know me; just because of a piercing. 

Guess what’s my super power? 😉 Studying at the last minute looking like a responsible student. I know, I know… it’s an epic power, but it’s very tricky. My Kryptonite is actually so stupid… it’s food. ;-; Just kidding! It’s procrastination. I know that it sounds stupid, but all of us, students, have the same weakness.

It’s our downfall, people! We literally stop doing work to watch a series or go look in the fridge for the twentieth time, admit it… it hasn’t changed in the last five minutes. So why don’t we do our work? Why don’t we finish it? Easy… we don’t actually care, and in those moments… We don’t pretend, we just let ourselves enjoy it (then we regret it and scold our past lazy self, but it felt right at the moment).

So let’s admit it! I definitely ended up changing topics and that’s my new power, also… we all have a piece of Superman inside us. All you have to do is discover it! 


Author: collegedolls

Just a college student living the dream... ;-; help.

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